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Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary (CGPWS) is the Philippines outstanding improvement background for wildlife environment holding the azygos secernment as the premier eminent wildlife translocation research in Aggregation. It has evolved to becoming a plate of essential Philippine enzootic and foreign wildlife from Africa.

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary was declared by Presidential Proclamation No. 1578 on August 31, 1976. It has total land area of 3,400 hectares with low-lying island in the Calamian group, north of Palawan, It is a short distance from the much larger island of Busuanga. The natural vegetation is lowland forest and mangroves along the coast. Much of the forest has now been replaced by plantations, secondary growth and open grassland. Marine habitat is said to have been haven to the dugong, sea turtles, giant clams, coral reefs and a sanctuary for commercial fish species as well.

Prior to the issuance of Presidential Proclamation 1578, about 100 families were already settled in the island. During the issuance of the Proclamation, Calauit was a settlement of more than 200 families whose primary livelihood was fishing.

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary Special Project started in 1997 with the introduction of eight species on an experimental basis to see whether the movement of African wildlife from a subtropical to tropical habitat would succeed. The exodus of 104 different exotic animal species composed of giraffe, eland, zebra, impala, bushbuck, gazelle and waterbuck arrived in the island. After 24 years, the number has increased dramatically except for gazelle and topi and is now in existence with some endemic and endangered Philippine wildlife.

Palawan is an island province of the Philippines located in the Southern Tagalog region. Its capital is Puerto Princesa City and it is the largest province in terms of land area. The islands of Palawan stretch from Mindoro to Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the South China Sea in the northwest and Sulu Sea in the southeast. The province is named after its largest island, Palawan Island.

Palawan, the only Philippine island cited, is rated by National Geographic Traveler magazine as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region in 2007, and the 13th best island in the world having incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes. One of the most biodiverse (terrestrial and marine) islands in the Philippines. The island has had a Biosphere Reserve status since early 1990s, showing local interest for conservation and sustainable development.


Discover Palawan Philippines

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Discover Palawan Philippines

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